Rently CareDeposit-free renting With a Rently Care subscription, we take care of your security deposit and safeguard you from potential disputes, making renting that much easier.
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Here's how Rently Care works: Skip the hefty deposits and manage your costs with our monthly subscription. At the end of the tenancy, we'll handle the deposit return with the landlord, eliminating the possibililty of disputes. With Rently Care, you focus on your home, not the deposit hassles.
  • Step 1Submit your application through our app or website, providing the past 3 months' payslips, bank statements and your signed tenancy agreement.
  • Step 2Upon your approval, your subscription will be automatically activated and the deposit will be disbursed to the landlord.
  • Step 3Maintain your property by using the Rently app's inventory feature to document your current move-in state, minimising possible disputes in the future.
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Mr. TanExperiencing Rently Care's smooth process was a breath of fresh air. Just as I ensure seamless experiences for the parents and kids I train, Rently Care did the same for me. Truly appreciative!
Protect Your Property Assets
Receive complimentary insurance
Unlock an unparalleled level of security and enjoy greater peace of mind when you choose Rently Care. Subscribe with us and receive complimentary Tenant Plus home insurance, underwritten by Chubb Insurance. Terms and conditions apply.
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No more deposit disputes or withdrawing savings to pay your deposit. Rent without the worries, stress, and expensive fees.
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